The Industrial Estate's comprehensive regeneration plays a pivotal role in setting the stage for an eco-friendly and sustainable future, addressing critical aspects in the following ways:


Efficient use of
brownfield land

This unique brownfield site, nestled between the riverfront and universities, within reach of existing services and transport nodes in Gillingham and Chatham provides a rare opportunity for regeneration on this scale.


Adapting to
climate change

Significant improvements to flood resilience will be delivered as part of the redevelopment of the site. New green spaces and enhancements to biodiversity will also form part of the proposals. This forms a critical part of our commitment 
to a sustainable and environmentally 
conscious future.


Energy efficiency

We’re targeting BREEAM ratings of ‘Very Good’ and ‘Excellent,’ for Basin3 as energy and carbon reduction is a cornerstone of our plans. Additionally, we're exploring opportunities for green energy generation, such as solar panels, as part of our commitment to a sustainable future.


Enhanced Connectivity
and Sustainable Transport

Enhanced Connectivity and Sustainable Transport – Our investment in a new waterside footpath and cycle way will enhance connectivity, giving the local community more choices for local carbon travel rather than getting in the car.


air quality

Relocating existing heavy industrial facilities 
away from people’s homes is key. 
This move will markedly enhance air quality and reduce industrial-related traffic, fostering a healthier and more sustainable environment for the community.

How does Basin3 support the wider vision for Medway’s waterfront? 

Objective: Securing jobs and developing skills for a competitive economy

Economic Growth and Sustainable Regeneration

The council is seeking to boost the performance of the local economy by supporting local businesses to grow and innovate; and attracting inward investment and re-locations, through the provision of a portfolio of good quality employment spaces that meet the needs of businesses today and in the future.

Through the transformation of brownfield land into a cutting-edge business and enterprise campus, Basin3 represents a step towards sustainable urban development. It aims to efficiently use land resources, introducing eco-friendly infrastructure, energy-efficient buildings, and sustainable transport options, aligning with Medway's broader sustainability goals

Job Creation and Talent Retention

Basin3 will attract high-value jobs in target growth sectors s including creative industries and advanced manufacturing, potentially tripling current job numbers on the site. 

Through the creation of new, dynamic space, where business can thrive, we aspire to retain talent locally, reducing out-commuting and keeping those educated in Medway, a part of its economic future.  
During the construction phase there will be significant numbers of construction jobs for local people. As the vision for the regeneration of the whole area evolves through the Local Plan process, there will be many other opportunities that could be realised include hotel, restaurants, bars, retail and leisure uses. 

Innovation and Education

Ideally situated by the university cluster, Basin3 serves as an incubator for local businesses to thrive, fostering innovation, and nurturing a collaborative environment. This strategic location significantly amplifies the potential to draw inward investments, especially for businesses seeking to leverage a robust graduate skills base. This synergy aims to cultivate and sustain a spectrum of higher-skilled work opportunities in Medway, empowering the region's workforce and propelling innovation forward. 

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